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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Starting Christmas with Pottery Barn Kids

As you all know it is an annual tradition and requirement to get decked out in matching festive pajamas for all holiday decorating activities! This year I got this beautiful matching set from Pottery Barn Kids. Both myself and Jayne got the tight fit option for the Santa pajamas, while Tom got the flannel. All were super comfortable!

As an extra pre-Christmas treat for Jayne, we also picked up the stunning Westport Dollhouse, along with a toy family and a few furnishings! The dollhouse is super easy to assemble, with only 8 screws in total. It is a pretty solid house so I’m sure will last us a long time! Jayne is loving playing with The Moore Family and they seem very durable so far! I’m excited to give Jayne the opportunity overtime to add more items to her house and decorate in her own style – who knows maybe she’ll give me some inspiration for our own house!

If you are looking for matching pajama sets this season you really can’t go wrong with Pottery Barn Kids and for gifts in all sizes, there are so many elegant, quality options.

1. Santa Family Pajama Collection

2. Westport Dollhouse

3. Dollhouse Moore Family

4. Dollhouse Furniture Starter Set

Happy shopping this holiday season!



*This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids, but all opinions are my own!


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