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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Top Tips for The Perfect Holiday Family Picture (involving a toddler!)

*In partnership with JCPENNEY

The family Christmas picture is a tradition for so many people, but sometimes, especially with a young child, things can get a little wild!! So here are my top tips for getting that perfect shot this season!

Tip 1 – Do not make it all about the picture

To capture the real essence of a special moment we needed Jayne to want to be a part of it. So, we set up numerous cakes and cookies on our festive plates by JCPenney’s new lifestyle line, Peyton & Parker, while also having fake snow to play with! Whatever your setting, be sure to have something ready at hand that your toddler will want to interact with!

Tip 2 – You need an effortless look

The amount of moving around, running, chasing and playing that goes into these moments with a toddler, means you can’t afford to be too precious about your clothing. This means you need something that looks good, no matter what you are doing, not something that only looks good if you are standing and posed. The items from the Peyton & Parker line, available at JCPenney were perfect for this. They provide coordinating pieces for the family that look great for the season, are very comfortable and affordable, and you can do everything in them.

Tip 3 – Ask for help

You can’t do this alone! Some situations call for a professional, some just need a friend or a family member. Either way, you’ll need someone to take the picture for you, so it helps if they have a great rapport with the most easily distracted participant!

Tip 4 - Set the Scene

Picnic blanket, Christmas trees, wood, basket, cookies, cakes, ornaments, and banners were all items that I used. We also could have started early on getting a Christmas tree up or getting the sleigh out of the garage. Simply, the scene needs to be set to give the perfect backdrop to your picture! Peyton & Parker have so many holiday themed home décor items that are perfect for this!




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