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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

DIY Halloween Costume: Mommy & Me

Every year I love having a few different Halloween costumes! Last year we did a family Alice in Wonderland with Jayne as Alice, Tom as the White Rabbit and I was the Cheshire Cat. We did Little Red Riding Hood as a family the year before :) BUT, I especially love creating mommy & me costumes!!

Last year I created a rainbow costume for Jayne & myself as a cloud ( & person in the rain LOL)! The year before that we were both ice cream cones!

For this year's DIY costume Jayne is a butterfly and I am a flower (super easy to create) --

Here's how we did it:

I bought almost everything off Amazon (linked below)

3 Flower crowns (1, 2, 3)

Butterfly attachments (FYI this break very easily so be gentle --mostly all of mine broke but I was still able to use them)

Jayne's Dress & Tutu

Jayne's Butterfly Wings

My Dress - No longer sold from H&M ( I already had this dress) -- they have so many options or I'm sure you have a floral dress in your closet ;)

To make the flower crowns I combined 2 of the flower headbands to make my headband super thick and added butterflies & real flowers. For Jayne's, I used the remaining flower crown and added real flowers & even more butterflies. The great thing about the base headbands is they are adjustable!

Voila!! This mommy & me costume is complete!

Hope this has helped inspire your halloween costume for this year or next!

xo, Care


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