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by Carolina Fryer

Amalfi Coast!

Top Travel Tips + Amalfi Coast with a Toddler

The Amalfi Coast is beautiful and has become one of the destinations to go to, in no small part due to its highly Instagrammable scenery as well as great food. The whole process of going can be a little overwhelming with so many choices of coastal town to stay in, the hotels tend to be small and of a boutique nature & there are so many AirBNBs. Plus there are so many things to see and so many places to eat. Travelling single, as a couple, group of adults or a family with older kids you can be flexible to the intricacies and quirks of this region & the accommodation and the activities, but with young children it is more challenging. Below are my top tips for making the most of the Amalfi Coast with young children, as well just in general:

1. Location, Location, Location

So for our trip we stayed in an AirBNB in the town of Pegorola. It is a cute town with a few little stores for essentials and our favorite budget friendly restaurant – Gerry’s Pub (haha)! The views from the town are pretty cool and it has a beautiful walk around the hills, down into Amalfi itself. The town is a great price friendly option, however it did provide challenges.

Firstly, to go anywhere else along the coast you first have to make it down into Amalfi, which we only did once on foot (beyond AMAZING views of the town of Amalfi! Pictured below). We never made our way back up on foot (EEK too many steps going back up the mountain) , so we took the bus, which is an intense experience (if you are afraid of heights this is not the best option!).

Given there is one an hour they are packed every time and people including the bus drivers were never happy with us bringing the stroller on the bus. So for families your best bet really is to try and stay within Amalfi itself or within a short easy walk of the city center (definitely a challenge to find). It is a great town to base your adventure around and is a central hub for our favorite form of transport in the region…So definitely recommend if you are without little ones!!

2. On a Boat!

This is the BEST way to travel round the Amalfi Coast. The boats are spacious, have essentials for sale on board and give you some of the best views of the region. The roads are INSANE and winding and some of the driving is TERRIFYING You don’t have to suffer any of it when you’re on the boat. Just relax and soon you’ll be where you want to be.

3. Positano

Positano is one of the iconic sights along the Amalfi Coast. A great tip is to visit via boat as the best views are from the water. The town is not suitable for strollers so keep that in mind with young ones. We did have our stroller and it limited what we could do around the town, beyond the beach and the lower level of restaurants and shops. It is well worth paying for a chair (they also have people watching to make sure you pay for the chair so I wouldn't recommend trying to sneak a picture as I saw many of the employees get aggressively angry towards tourist!!) on the private beach as the public beach is comparatively small and can feel overwhelming, as well the sand is beyond HOT (we were here at the end of May) and you must wear shoes at all times!!! From what I remember the chair was about 15 Euros each for the entire day. Be sure to bring your water shoes too (or just wear water shoes) as the sand is rocky + coarse!

4. Food to try!

Of course Gelato is a must -- I definitely had at least three a day LOL! We also tried a fish/vegetable skewer that is very popular & delicious! Obviously you can't go wrong with pizza & pasta as its always so good in Italy as well inexpensive!

5. Strategy for next time

So we enjoyed the region, the food is great and it is beautiful. We would definitely go back and if it were to happen in the next few years we have already planned out our ideal plan! The drive from the airport to the coast is a bit hair-raising and actually gave Jayne motion sickness, so ideally we would take the TRAIN round to Sorrento. Sorrento is a bit further round the coast but has a huge amount of options for accommodation and is a central hub for ferry transport. So from here we would be able to revisit Positano, Amalfi and maybe even take a trip out to Capri! It also provides a great base for the one other location we are desperate to visit – Pompeii!

Hope these top tips help & most of all enjoy!!

xo, Care + Tom