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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Kaysersberg, France

Voted the best village in France 2017, we were actually here in 2016 due to its close proximity to Colmar (Tom’s birthplace). Back then it was a bit of a random selection but engrained itself in our hearts as our favorite vacation place! It was no wonder the accolades have come rolling in and this time around it had lost none of the magic.

If you imagine the scene from Beauty and the Beast with Belle running through the village, then you get close to the visual of this beautiful village, just with less singing ;) For both visits we have stayed in the same AirBnB, above the restaurant, Le Kaysersberg. The rental is great in terms of location as the bakery is on your doorstep. Both times we have been travelling with others so the size of the rental is amazing for the price, which probably also explains why it hardly has any availability!

The best place to eat in town is undoubtedly Bratschall Manala, which is open all day and seemingly everyday. This is actually important as lots of places in the village are shut on random days and the opening hours can take getting used too as most will shut for lunch/the afternoon, reopen later, and then close up for the day when they feel like it. Another excellent restaurant is Le Garde Manger du Paysan with a great selection of local food!

For breakfast it is hard to go wrong with a croissant or some crusty bread with butter and jam. Our favorite food in this region has to be tarte flambee, which is kind of like a very thin crust pizza with local cheese and various other toppings, it is delicious. For those into eating meat, the local specialty is choucroute, which I’ve heard is amazing if it’s your kind of thing. For dessert, the region specializes in gingerbread and various other spiced cakes, in addition to the usual French pastries. You really can’t go wrong!!

Now to the wine! This is hands down the best region I have ever been to for wine. My favorite is Pinot Noir, a chilled red, that is just too good. The amazing thing about being surrounded by vineyards is the abundance of local options, rarely more than 10euros. The region also produces Cremant, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Sylvaner and Edelzwicker. Everything other than the Pinot Noir is white. The region is incredibly proud of its wine and rightfully so.

Culturally I love Alsace and especially Kaysersberg, but you could also throw Eguisheim, Colmar, Riquewehr and Ribeauville into discussion of my favorite places too!

The pace of life, the food, the drink and the beautiful scenery all combine to make it a truly magical place. The only thing left to do is to go back at Christmas and experience the markets and the magic of this place at my favorite time of year.


Care + Tom


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