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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Family Travels with British Airways

Being of different nationalities it is very important to us that we raise Jayne with an understanding of both of our heritages as well as other cultures. We were beyond excited to partner with British Airways to take an extended vacation in Britain and other countries across Europe!

Our journey started at Terminal 7 in JFK, which if you are looking for convenience on Trans-Atlantic flights is the best we have experienced. The number of flights leaving from there, maybe helped by the ongoing construction meant check in and security were the fastest we have ever experience to any destination. Once construction is complete we hope there will be more food options, but the veggie burger we got was excellent.

With Jayne they let us on first and the British Airways 777 really looked great. We were seated in the World Traveller Plus section of the plane, which is a substantial step up from any other economy plus we have experienced. It was a 4 row section of the plane separate from business and economy with private service and bathrooms. The legroom was plentiful for Tom at 6”2 and there was loads of space for Jayne to cause mischief! British Airways were very accommodating for children with the provision of a great coloring book, colors and other activities, such as Jayne's favorite films. There was also the option of a kid's meal, however, knowing that Jayne is currently in a phase where she only eats what she steals from other people, we opted not to take this option, although we may try it on the return leg.

The World Traveller Plus section has full bar service and the dining options were great! We all had the pasta option, although looking around the chicken option looked delicious for you meat eaters out there. I watched Breathe and Tom watched the new Jumanji before settling in for a sleep.

The flight passed very peacefully, I always find the wide body jets have a smoother ride, which I LOVE! We landed early morning at Heathrow and zipped through customs nice and quickly before heading onwards.

Some of my top thoughts flying with British Airways:

  • World Traveller Plus is comfortably ahead of the other plus offerings you may be accustomed to.

  • British Airways service is excellent and there is a pride in their service.

  • Jayne did have to be in her own seat for takeoff and landings (which we are still getting use to since Jayne has turned 2 & its tough getting a 2 year old to stay seated without holding them) The staff were very definite in the rules for takeoff and landing.

  • Terminal 7 JFK has great potential and the speed of getting through security is a huge plus right now.

  • Be ready to walk landing at Heathrow as the gates are not near the Terminal.

We had a great experience with British Airways and are so grateful for them getting us here to experience all the wonders of British culture. Check out my London post to see what we got up to in our first few days after landing and fighting off the jet lag!


Care + Tom

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