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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Shutterfly: Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Mother’s Day is such a special day where we get to show how thankful we are to our moms. Ever since becoming a mom this day has taken on so much more significance as I truly understand and appreciate ALL the love and hard work it was to raise me and my sisters. Searching for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day I wanted to do something personal and meaningful. I am beyond grateful to be partnering with Shutterfly to gift my mother some of their amazing personalized offerings!

I’ve compiled my top Mother’s Day picks including how I’ve made them personal to my family. See my gift guide below!! (Everything is linked!)

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First off I ordered a few of their framed prints using some old photos of my mom. The first one is of her and her mom and the quality came out great! The second is of her with both of her parents, which is unbelievably meaningful to all of us as she lost her father at a young age so it is amazing to be able to put that moment into a picture to be loved by us all, especially my mom and grandma :)

The great thing with Shutterfly is they don’t just do prints; you can personalize almost anything on the site. I’m in love with their candles, which I personalized as a gift ( and they smell SO amazing!) One of the candles I used 3 pictures showcasing 3 generations of our family, including grandma, mom, & my sister and I. The images came out great and I am so excited about gifting the candles in particular!

I also added a personalized coffee mug, hopefully to be drunk from for years to come! Additionally, I love their mason jars that I am gifting as a vase with a lovely floral arrangement!

They have an amazing collection of unique pillows (I LOVE the cactus ones, which were a wonderful gift from Jayne!), and the ability to create really cute collages of your favorite family snaps is really perfect for us as most of our photos live on our computer and phones-- great to see them printed!!!!

I hope you all love the items in my gift guide. I also suggested a few of my other favorites that will be in my shopping cart for the next few Holidays- such as the canvas tote bag, the ceramic tiles and the desktop plaques! The experience of using Shutterfly was so amazing as it enabled me to personalize amazing products in such an easy and convenient way to be so meaningful to my mom and I know I'll be back for the next holiday -- so make sure to check it out!



*This post is sponsored by Shutterfly, but all opinions are my own!

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