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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Travel with Toddlers

I often hear from other parents their anxiety over flying with their children and I think lots of it comes from the fear of disturbing other passengers. Yes, you occasionally read or see a story about a passenger getting annoyed at the child of another, but the truth is for the most part people are so deep in their own world, whether it is movies or music, that they really don’t notice. We used to travel before Jayne arrived and did we ever hear a crying baby/toddler? Yes! Did it ever bother us? No! Parents are always doing their best and it is harder at 38,000 feet in a confined space, but I truly believe 99.9% of people understand that!

If you are feeling anxious about flying with your child then here are a few of my top tips as we get Jayne ready for her 15th flight! Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! We always bring a variety of Jayne’s favorites. It is an unusual environment with limited food options so be sure to have a plethora of their favorite snacks. If they have eaten sliced apple every day for a week I can almost guarantee that on your flight your child will decide they don’t like apples today! Our go to snacks are veggie puffs, veggie straws, yoghurt raisins, variety of fruit, soft fruit gummies and lollipops (the last 2 can help with adjusting to the air pressure).

Clean Everything! This is for peace of mind. We are all aware of the germs lurking around on a plane and as adults we tend to be able to keep our hands clean and maybe we steer clear of reading the magazines that have been stuffed in the back of the seat for months. Our kids want to touch, grab and sometimes rip everything, so instead of a battle of don’t touch that or don’t wipe your food on the screen and then eat. Just wipe everything down and have some hand sanitizer ready so as long as they aren’t disturbing other passengers they can just get on with being them.

The Digital Nanny! No shame here. Everyone else on the plane is watching films, so we loads up on movie and tv show downloads to last the flight. Who knows what kid options they’ll actually have on their system so have a 6 hour backup of Peppa Pig and you should be fine! LOL

Other than an a digital nanny, we love bringing coloring books and one of my favorites with Jayne is watercolor book where it only shows up on the paper so little to no mess!! Ask for a small cup of water and your good to go! Linked it here! Also if you have a window seat, having some fun with gel window stickers like these here ( that are removable) can keep them entertained for a bit!

Go with the Flow! Our flying experiences have included a 90 minute flight to an 8 hour flight, 4 separate occurrences of vomiting which led to a delightful crew member offering a set of crew pajamas to my husband, a mid summer flight where the A/C was broken, infant in lap, and with her own seat. It is not in your control, so don’t try too hard. If Jayne wants to clean her hands 15 times in a flight we have 15 30 second trips to the bathroom, if she wants to look out the window we move seats, and if all the stars align and our wishes are granted the greatest possible thing to happen to your child on the plane:

They fall asleep!


Care + Tom

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