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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Jill-E Designs

Always being on the go, but also needing access to my laptop, camera, and iPad to work when I get the chance means I have often been stuck using one of my husband’s briefcases or backpacks to transport valuable and sensitive equipment. The issues are firstly, his sense of style, just doesn’t work for me and always looks out of place with what I am wearing, and secondly when I need to use a backpack they are designed in a way that is not always overly protective of what is inside.

Jill-E specifically designs bags for digital and mobile devices, but with fashion in mind. The bags are high quality, and having originally been a camera bag company they have an in depth knowledge of the requirements of an on the go professional. Jill-E Designs were gracious enough to send me two bags recently and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The Lucy Laptop Backpack is perfect for my laptop and other items, and was tested to its limits on our recent vacation to Miami where it served as the perfect carry-on, assisted in pool time blogging, ventured to the beach, and was with me the entire trip. This bag showed amazing durability, and came home completely unscathed having looking after all my devices for the trip.

The second bag I received was the Isabel Tech Crossbody in Sorbet, which has RFID protection and a built in phone charger. This goes great with so many looks and is perfect for those evenings out when you need something convenient and stylish to hold your smaller belongings. I also have to say at $34.99 the price is amazing, as if you tried to find a bag of this quality and look, and bought a portable charger separately and an RFID case you would be spending considerably more than $34.99.

So take a look at and give them a try!

To score 25% off use the code 'CAROLINA' at check out!!!

Happy shopping :)

XO, Care


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