Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Washington Park Hotel Miami

Thank you to the Washington Park Hotel in South Beach, Miami for hosting our recent stay. It was great to get some warmth for a few days, even with the accidental coinciding of our trip with the tail end of Spring Break and the beginning of the Ultra Music Festival. So we entered what is normally a pretty amped up city, at the wildest time of the year.

To that point the hotel is really nicely located a few blocks off the beach, so you aren’t overwhelmed by the beach crowds but close enough that the walk to the beach is quick and you still have access to all the restaurants and amenities. Free bike rentals for all guests was also a fun bonus. For those hours where you want some sun but don’t want the sand, the hotel has a nice pool in the front. Even though the pool area looks to be on the smaller side the pool never felt overcrowded. The hotel offered unlimited towels and water that was a nice touch!

The hotel rooms were comfortable and clean. They have a modern feel and I loved that Starbucks coffee was offered in the room via the in room coffee machine (even though there is literally a Starbucks across the street from the hotel). One of the best features of the hotel is access to the roof, where you get a great view over the surrounding area, and the wonders of nighttime Miami.

Regarding food, the breakfast buffet is simple but just right for what you need; some coffee, croissants, fruit, and juice. The restaurant at the hotel is called Employees Only (same company as the one in NYC), which if you have a few $$ to spare has some innovative and delicious dishes and drinks. We were treated to the steak tartar, beet salad (which is AMAZING), and lamb appetizers along with a round of their signature cocktails. While relatively quiet at around 9pm when we sat down, by the time we were leaving an hour later the music was playing, people were dancing, and the atmosphere had really ramped up. Somehow Jayne was fast asleep by this time and not the slightest bit bothered.

Side note: Away from the restaurant Miami is an expensive place to eat and drink, recent stories of price gouging mean you have to be careful where you go. The automatic 18% service charge can also make things pretty expensive as the receipts tend not be clear and people add an additional 15-20% onto a number already including the 18%. Sometimes this could be justified but in a situation where a tip is guaranteed sometimes the service is lacking.

So best places to go: when happy to spend a bit more but get a great experience and some of the best tacos around The Naked Taco really is a top destination, great food, great drinks, and great staff. On the cheaper side there is a great Mexican restaurant hidden inside The Rock Hostel at 1351 Collins Ave. For a quick bite of Sushi, the Sushi Song on Washington Ave has great food at great prices, and for dessert stop by Insomnia Cookies, DUH!!

The truth is that Miami South Beach is pretty wild, and for a family vacation I can see why some people may choose to stay further up the coastline, which we’ve done in the past. However, The Washington Park Hotel has managed to create this Oasis away from the chaos and I look forward to my future stays!! Overall, I felt WPH is definitely family friendly, in a great location, and modern. If you don’t have kid it’s a perfect place to stay too being in the heart of Miami! With limited space available in Miami they have etched out a hotel that takes you away from it all!!

Safe travels!

XO, Care

*The post was sponsored by Washington Park Hotel, but ALL opinions are of my own!!