Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Enviroscent Bursts

When I got pregnant with my daughter, I did the first thing anybody does and Googled absolutely everything that I could. Something that shocked me was the amount of harmful ingredients that were in absolutely everything. So I began a journey that led me through the largest and longest lifestyle change.

Firstly, I tackled what was going into my body, so food and drink. Secondly, I moved onto what was going onto my body, so cosmetics and shampoo. This even led to some home made cosmetic products! Then we moved onto everything in the house, especially once our daughter arrived. So we have a cupboard full of natural cleaners and soaps, but to freshen the air, and occasionally mask the smell of baby whoopsie, we were struggling to find a natural option that we were happy with, especially as some harsh scents will set off my asthma, and will leave me with a headache.

Happily, Enviroscent is unlike everything else out there, with no solvents, a sustainable product, and natural, organic scents they are perfect for the modern home. The Enviroscent Bursts work with most warmers, and can be used as passive diffusers too. They don’t burn, they last 192 hours, and they are all natural, biodegradable, compostable, and best of all they smell great.

My favorite is the wild lavender as it generates this wonderful calming scent that fills our home with the smell of Spring. Enviroscent is available at Walmart:

XO, Care

*This post is sponsored by Enviroscent but all opinions are of my own!!