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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Bathing Suits for under $16 + Pom dress

Im SO excited to share my favorite new bathing suits and the best part they are each under $16.00!!!! Also excited to share this cute pom pom beach/pool dress that I found for $14.15!!

I definitely love the black one piece suit the best since I've been searching for this suit for months after finding a similar one for double the price on ASOS and it was sold out :( The one I found is $15.99 and made very well for the price and fits great! Make sure for both suits that you measure yourself and use the sizing charts provided to get the best fit!

The white one I love too and originally saw a similar one on ASOS for triple the price and it was sold out too! The white one isn't perfect though-- the bottoms are a bit see through and I always worry about that when ordering white bathing suits... but I was able to wear them with nude underwear and it was fine. I didn't go swimming with the white suit so I'm not sure if with the nude underwear it wouldn't be see through :/ The white bathing suit only cost $9.00 so for the price I wasn't too disappointed since it is super cute! The top also fit fine and is not see through!

Also LOVE this pom pom beach/pool dress!! its super cute and only costs $14.15 so its def a must !!! The only negative is its currently only available in size XS -- I usually wear size small but decided to see if it would work and it totally does its still roomy and fits well.

Ive linked everything below-- the review is similar to mine with the bottoms being see through for the white suit... Happy shopping and enjoy!!!!!

XO, Care


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