Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Jayne's 1st Birthday!!!

As you can tell we had a very sweet theme for our sweet little Jayne!!! I made Cotton Candy Garland with spray painted cotton balls!! So fun and I can use there for another occasion!

DIY Cotton Candy Piñata !!!

Sweet Jayne lounging before eating some Birthday cake!! Brings such a smile to my face -- so funny how her personality is truly shown in the one shot!!! :)

Happy first birthday my sweet Jayne!

From the second you came into our lives you made every day an adventure and changed our world. Sometimes I find it hard to watch you grow as you stop being the tiny baby that joined us a year ago, but then I experience all the new joys you bring as you learn to communicate, explore, and play.

You make our lives a better place with your unrestrained reactions to everything and everyone around you. Your bursts of laughter bring joy to my heart and I would move mountains to stop your tears when you are sick.

I love waking up to see your happiness at a brand new day. Over this year you have gone from sleeping in one hourintervals to 12hour slumbers, from needing our hands to hold you up to only needing them for guidance, and from needing love, to knowing exactly with whom you can find it.

You can be whatever you want to be, the world is full of opportunities and I will be there to encourage and help you achieve your dreams.

I love you my sweet Jayne so dream your dreams and live them too, as we celebrate your 1st birthday.

XO, Mom

p.s. Daddy helped write this too!!!!