Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Peace on Earth | Pampers

It is a great honor to be able to have the support of Pampers to help out a wonderful local charity. The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey is a great charity. It is often all too easy to take for granted what a blessing it is to be safe, housed, clothed and loved, but for thousands of children and families that isn’t always a given.

From helping at-risk mothers through pregnancy and parenthood, to adoptive services, and educational programs, this charity covers a full range of challenges and needs that may face at-risk infants, children, youths, and families.

As we come to this time of year with our families cozying up in front of a warm fire, or watching our favorite festive films, unwrapping our presents, and smiling around the table as we settle in for our festive feast, it is important to spare a thought for those less fortunate.

As I stare into my daughter’s eyes, it breaks my heart to know there are children out there without a home and loving parents, so it gives me great joy to be working with Pampers to help bring some important things, like diapers and items that help little ones get a peaceful nights sleep.

Please visit them at or by clicking here and read about what they do, especially some of the stories including Shawn, Joey, and baby Grace, whose stories brought tears to my eyes. It seems crazy that any child or family should have to suffer in this country, but The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey are doing a wonderful job at making this country a better place for thousands of children and families.

XO, Care