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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer


Whatever your age I think every girl, woman, princess, countess, Olympian, soccer star, actress, singer (you get the picture) dreams of having a Chanel handbag. The challenge is that they are very, very expensive, unless bought second hand. Second hand, however, gives you the issue of navigating the world of online auctions, consignment stores, and eBay vendors. How do you know you are paying a fair price? How do you know it is a real Chanel bag? How do you know you can trust the quality? Enter Trendlee! This is the online home of some of the best second hand designer handbags available. Their range (not just Chanel, but also Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Celine and more) is phenomenal, and the prices cannot be beaten. So when I was given the chance to trial one of their bags I jumped at the chance and welcomed my own Chanel bag! I loved it SO much and its was in great condition :) If you are as obsessed with this bag as I am you can find this exact bag here !!! Score 5% off using the code COTTONANDPOSIES at checkout!! Also Trendlee every Thursday at 1pm EDT now has a treasure hunt where they release one designer bag for only $1!! YES a dollar- so good luck and definitely don't miss out on this!!!

xo, Care


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