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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

Headstands & Pregnancy

{Headstands and pregnancy}

​I love inversions and when I became pregnant I questioned whether it would be safe. Since I had been practicing inversions for a year before becoming pregnant I knew my comfort level. It is never recommended to begin to try inversions when pregnant, but if you had been practicing before pregnancy it can be safely done. Headstands are my go to when I need a boost of energy or if my lower/upper back is hurting. Especially in pregnancy headstands were helpful in relieving these pains. They also help with hormonal levels and can help with morning sickness. In this picture I am 36 weeks pregnant. I waited until I was 12 weeks pregnant to start practicing inversions again. I plan on not doing inversions for the remainder of my pregnancy as I don't want the baby to flip back over. Although many people say that won't be the cause for the baby to breech, but better to be safe than sorry !!

{Disclaimer}*these are my opinions based off of my own experiences and research but ALWAYS consult with your doctor*


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