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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer


Shop these looks: Sweater and Geometric Knitted Skirt here & Embroidery Bell Dress here

Im excited to share my review about Dezzal and its clothing. At first I was unsure of the qualtiy of the clothing at Dezzal, but I was pleasantly surprised!!! Since the clothing is on the cheaper side(for how fancy the clothing looks) I was expecting cheap material, but to be honest the material is of high quality. The one thing is with the sizing, it is a MUST to measure yourself before ordering and to order based off your measurements. The clothing on Dezzal is so unique and I found myself wanting so many different items from their site. I feel that for the price and the quality of their clothing it is definitely worth checking out! Im happy that I went forward to participate in this review so I am able share with you all that Dezzal is a great option. The black and white outfit is actually two pieces and you get two pieces for the price of one :) I love the pattern on the white floral dress and it is so beautiful in person! I provided the links to both outfits above:)

* To score 20% off your first order use DZFIRST20 at checkout!

Xo, Care


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