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Cotton & Posies

by Carolina Fryer

OSEA Skincare

I was so lucky to be able to try out OSEA skincare products and I must say I LOVE them! OSEA's products come straight from the sea and are all natural. This is so important as many skincare products out there use harmful chemicals. I have been using OSEA for the past two weeks and have seen a significant difference in my skin. I have dry skin, but sometimes it gets oily and I have struggled finding products that work for both of those issues. OSEA sent me products that work for both and I have noticed that my skin is nor dry or oily, just the perfect soft skin Ive been dreaming about. Especially after I gave birth, my skin changed so much and was breaking out a lot. OSEA Blemish balm is SO awesome and has completely fixed that issue for me!! I am also in love with their Ocean Cleansing Mudd, this cleanser has also helped get rid of blemishes and I'm addicted to using this twice a week! Another product I have been using non stop is the OSEA Sea Minerals. This can be used to reduce redness ( as well so many other benefits) and can also be used with makeup to seal it against humidity!! The OSEA Undaria Argan Oil, Atmosphere Protection Cream, and Ocean Cleansing Milk are also awesome products that I use daily! OSEA is a family run business and I can tell by how amazing their products truly are. If you are having issues with your skin, OSEA will have something to help!! Check OSEA out and you will not be disappointed!!! (Also the products are VEGAN!!)

xo, Care

*thank you OSEA for sponsoring this post! :)


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